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Premium all-purpose fertilizer all your garden plants.

Slow release Bounce Back is a unique blend of the highest quality organic fertilizer and natural minerals, specially formulated for effective and safe feeding of all your gardening plants.

Bounce Back promotes natural healthy plants growth essential plant nutrients are released slowly into the bind soil particles together to improve soil structure and tilth better soil structure allows roots to grow unrestricted in a nutrient rich environment.

Bounce Back is manufactured from manure one of nature’s oldest and most natural fertilizer this product is composted and steam treated to ensure it is pathogen and weed free.
Bounce Back is then pelletized for easier and cleaner handling.


Fruit Tree: Pre Planting: 60g per Hole. Apply to base of hole and cover with 10cm of soil. For poorer soil add a further 30g water well.

Established Tree: 500g per tree, per year of growth – applied evenly throughout the year.
Vegetable and Flower Beds: 150g per sq. metre prior to planting and 100g per sq. every 6 weeks during the growth period.

Roses: 150g per plant, applied every 10-12 weeks throughout of the year.

Indigenous: 100g per shrub applied every 10-12 weeks.

Lawns: New and established lawn 100 – 200g per sq. metre.

Handy Hint: A 1 liter container with holes approx. 600g of Product and 1 cup will hold approx. 150g.

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