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Premium lawn fertilizer. Ideal for all lawns.

Slow-release Blade Runner is an ideal food for all lawns. It is particularly suitable for new lawns and summer applications on established lawns where slow-release properties help prevent thatch build-up. ​

Blade Runner promotes healthy, lush and sustained growth of your lawn, unlike chemical lawn fertilizers which produce upward growth over a shorter period. Essential plant nutrients are released slowly into the soil, stimulating microbiological activity and making further nutrients available to your grass.

Blade Runner is manufactured from manure, one of nature's oldest and most natural fertilizers. This product is composted and steam created to ensure it is pathogen- and weed-free.


New lawns - 200g per m2. Spread evenly and incorporate into top 10cm of soil prior to seeding or laying. 

Established lawns - Apply 100g per m2 every 10 - 12 weeks throughout the year.

Handy hint - A 1-litre container will hold approximately 450g of product and 1 cup will hold approximately 100g.​

Nutrog products are widely used by professional horticulturists throughout South Africa in the successful production of commercial crops of vegetables, flowers, fruit and plants. Your home garden can now benefit from Nutrog's unique range of premium fertilizers. 

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