Gromor Clay Buster

Gromor Clay Buster. Is a very useful product on clay soils. It contains Gypsum. Gypsum helps to improve the soil structure and makes clay soil handle moisture better. It helps break up compacted clay soils. It also helps remove excess sodium from the soil. It does not help with soil pH. Only Lime will correct that.

Application Rate

Apply 500 g/m² and dig in as deeply as possible. One bag will cover 20m²

Granular Fertilizer Golden Rules:

  • Use only as stipulated. (30 or 50 grams is not as much as you think.)
  • More is not better. Once you have applied it you cannot reverse the process.
  • Over application leads to serious problems and is irreversible.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Keep away from pets and children.
  • Choose the right fertilizer for the right application.
  • Fertilizer works best when there is heat and water. Results are poor in winter.
Gromor Clay Buster
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