A fertile soil is a living entity and not simply a conglomeration of chemical elements.  Whilst chemical fertilizers feed plants, organic fertilizers and compost, help to build a healthy fertile soil by stimulating “soil life”, raising the humus status and improving mineralisation, nitrification, cation exchange capacity, soil structure, aeration etc.

KZN soils are inherently acid, especially where chemical fertilizers have been regularly used. Apply GROMOR Lime at 100g/m2 per annum, in winter, to all areas other than to acid loving plants, which do not thrive on Lime (eg. Hydrangeas and Azaleas). Lime also supplies the essential plant food elements, Calcium and Magnesium.

New Gardens

One month before planting apply and dig in to ±15cm:

  • GROMOR Compost – 4kg/m2
  • GROMOR Agricultural Lime – 300g/m2
  • GROMOR Superphosphate – 50g/m2

Vegetable and Flower Beds

  • PREPARE by forking in GROMOR Compost – 4kg/m2
  • PLANT with GROMOR 2.3.2(14) – 50g/m2 and
  • GROMOR Accelerator at 150g/m2

Acid Loving Plants

Prepare by forking in GROMOR Acid Dressing 2kg/m2 and also add 2kg to each planting hole.  Fertilize with Ammonium Sulphate at 30g/m2 in spring and autumn.

Established Areas and Shrubberies (Acid Lovers Excluded)

  • GROMOR Compost – 2kg/m2 in spring and autumn
  • GROMOR 2.3.2(14) – 50g/m2 and GROMOR Accelerator at 150g/m2 in spring and autumn.
  • Mulch bare soil with GROMOR Pinebark Mulch


Establishment:  Before planting, fertilize as per “NEW GARDENS”
Maintenance:  In winter apply GROMOR Lime at 100g/m2. In spring apply GROMOR Lawn Dressing 2kg/m2.  If very vigorous growth is required, topdress every 6 weeks, alternating with GROMOR 4.1.1(21) at 30g/m2 and GROMOR Accelerator at 150g/m2.

Feeding You Plans
Feeding your plants

Pot Plants

Plant in GROMOR Potting Media.Wet media before filling containers.Give your potplants a weekly feed, by watering them with a solution of one teaspoon GROMOR Plant Food in five litres water. If the vegetative growth is lush and dark green coupled with poor flowering, you are probably overfeeding.  Give a heavy watering to ensure there is runoff through the holes in the bottom of the pots and lay off feeding for a month.


Germinate and grow seedlings in GROMOR Seedling Mix.  “Feed” twice  a week by watering them with a solution of one teaspoon GROMOR Plant Food in five litres water.

The Organic Option

GROMOR Lime 100g/m2 in winter, GROMOR Compost 2kg/m2 and GROMOR Accelerator* at 150g/m2 in spring and autumn.  (*Organically certified by ECOCERT).


Whilst mulch must not be confused with feeding, a layer of GROMOR Pinebark Mulch spread over bare soil, will reduce weed growth and keep the soil moist and cool to enhance plant growth.  The mulch layer will slowly decompose, adding organic matter and improving soil health.  An organic mulch like GROMOR Pinebark Mulch needs to be topped up from time to time.

Feeding your plants
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