Gromor New Generation Coastal Blend

Used at 1 kg of EACH per 1000L water (ensure water ph under 6,4 BEFORE adding fertilizer) to make a nutrient solution, suitable for taking a crop right through it's production cycle. Whilst formulated for use in bag culture, it can also be used in gravel beds.

A nutrient solution made with New Generation Coastal Blend and Calmag N, has half the Magnesium in the sulphate form and the other half in the nitrate form.

The original GROMOR COASTAL BLEND with GROMOR CALCUIM NITRATE is still very popular with many hydroponic growers, who have used it since its inception over 20 years ago.  Making up a complete balanced nutrient solution, this fertilizer blend is suitable for both bag and gravel culture.

This ‘two bag’ hydroponic fertilizer, has the advantage of having a portion of magnesium in the nitrate form, to enhance uptake.
Gromor New Generation Coastal Blend
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