Gromor Seeding Mix

Gromor Seedling Mix is blended from composted screened pinebark and coir fibre, which is pH and nutrient balanced.  It is ideally suited for germinating and growing seedlings in seedtrays.

Tip out the contents of the bag and fluff up the seedling mix, allowing it to aerate for 24 hours or more, before wetting (moist NOT soggy) and filling seedtrays.

Always water delicate seedlings with a fine spray and feed 3 times a week by watering with a nutrient solution of 1 teaspoon Gromor Plant Food in 5 litres water. When watering always ensure runoff.

1m3 will fill 220 to 250 x 200 cavity trays or 200 to 215 x 128 cavity trays.
Seedling Mix
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