Compost Gromor Accelerator Organic Fertilizer

Pelleted organic fertilizer pellets with composted poultry manure.
Manure is often referred to as nature’s “slow release fertilizer”, a property that is enhanced by the Pelleting process.

GROMOR ACCELERATOR feeds both the plant and the soil foodweb to stimulate plant growth and enhance soil health.

The heat generated in composting and during the Pelleting process, ensures pasteurisation of pathogens and sterilisation of weed seeds.  Being a balanced organic fertilizer, GROMOR ACCELERATOR is suitable for all plants including lawns, shrubs, trees, vegetables and flower beds as well as field crops.

Direction for use:

  1. Apply 150g/m² GROMOR ACCELERATOR IN Spring and Autumn.
  2. In planting holes, mix 50 to 100g GROMOR ACCELERATOR with the soil removed from the hole.
  3. For trees, apply 150g/m² GROMOR ACCELEARTOR around the drip area.
  4. Wherever possible, rake GROMOR ACCELERATOR lightly into the soil.  Avoid digging it in deeper than 15cm.  For lawns or mulched areas, simply sprinkle it on top and allow it to sift itself down to the underlying soil.
  5. For field crops, disc in 1,500kg/ha before planting or place 1000kg/ha in the planting line.  (GROMOR ACCELERATOR must not be in direct contact with seeds).
  6. Rule of thumb:
       1   Litre can of GROMOR ACCELERATOR ±600g
       1   Cup GROMOR ACCELERATOR ±140g
       1   Handful GROMOR ACCELERATOR ±30g
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