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We, at Gromor, are proud of our Symbol of Growth

Gromor (PTY) LTD was established in 1966 to manage Rainbow’s chicken litter. The Gromor brand has since become a household name, offering products such as Gromor Compost, Gromor Potting Soil and Gromor Lawn Dressing as well as many more.

Then, in early 2000, Gromor developed a new and exciting product called Gromor Accelerator. This organic product is composted pelletized chicken litter that can be used in agriculture and in our gardens. It also has the internationally accepted Ecocert accreditation.

Over time Gromor acquired a range of fertilizers aimed at the household and small farmer market. Unfortunately, the range was incomplete, did not have the Gromor brand and was not available in all pack sizes. In April 2012 a registration process began to correct this. The new, more complete range of Gromor fertilizers was launched in September 2014 with great success.
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Perhaps the most impressive part of the Gromor fertilizer range is the bag design. The intention behind the design was to help make what is sometimes a difficult fertilizer choice an easy one. With the use of vibrant colours, to-the- point descriptions for use and appropriate visuals, it is now much easier to make the correct choice.

Another huge step for Gromor, was the commissioning of their own granular fertilizer blending facility. This enables Gromor to blend 50 kg and mini bulk bags, of registered fertilizer blends or prescription blends, for the commercial use in agriculture.

Experience in Agriculture, Manufacturing and Innovation

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Gromor (PTY) LTD is directed by a dedicated and diverse group of people. They have years of experience in agriculture, manufacturing and innovation. Some of the original staff have been with Gromor for over 30 years! The Gromor Directors are W. Geyser, M. Hubble, C. Holzhausen, J. Janse van Vuuren, C. Jelliman, B. Dixon, R. Mann and Beer.

Symbol of Growth
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