Situated at Cato Ridge in KZN, GROMOR previously trading as "National Plant Food" was originally founded in the 1960's to handle Rainbow's chicken litter.

Now trading as GROMOR (PTY) LTD, the new owners: Warren Geyser, Mike Hubble, Chris Jelliman, Bruce Dixon and Roger Mann - who have a combined total of 112 years in agriculture, will be introducing new innovations, ideas and concepts to the domestic and agricultural sector. Gromor Supplies quality organic based products containing Macro and Micro nutrients, catering for the retail, wholesale, nursery and agricultural markets. With more than 40 years of experience in the organic industry, Gromor was "PROUDLY ORGANIC" before "ORGANIC" was popular.

Organic Gromor products have all been registered and comply with the strict regulations stipulated by the Department of Agriculture, under Act 36 of 1947. Gromor Accelerator has been registered as an organic fertilizer.
It also has Organic Attestation by Ecocert, which allows it to be used in "bona fide" organic farming operations throughout Africa as well as Europe and the USA.

Products are available in bagged and bulk form, and deliveries can be arranged on request.
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